Bersa Thunder 380 Combat Plus DA/SA .380 ACP 3.5in 15+1 OD Green Rubber Grips

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The Thunder 380 Combat has a redesigned slide for a lower profile. It features a rounded trigger guard and smaller beavertail for easier carrying and holstering. This pistol has large slide serrations, an ergonomic rubber wrap around grips, one 15-round magazine, an integrated locking system/manual/firing pin safety, and has an alloy frame with a steel slide.

12 reviews for Bersa Thunder 380 Combat Plus DA/SA .380 ACP 3.5in 15+1 OD Green Rubber Grips

  1. Richard R

    As a handicapped senior my other two 380s (Sig Sauer P238 & Remington RM380) were rackable with my weak left hand. I assumed this Bersa Thunder Combat Plus 380 would be similar but it is much more difficult than the other two, but acceptable. Switching hands even easier. I liked the fact that it’s a double stack 380, 15 rounds: the reason why I bought it. Good service from Bud’s! Good Price! Won’t be firing it for some time so I can’t give any info on its performance. Documentation is almost non-existent.

  2. Robert M

    The Good: This is a GREAT gun for the money. There really is something to be said about a metal framed, hammer fired pistol- this thing is ROCK SOLID. Trigger is very clean and crip. For the size of the gun you can’t beat the 15 1 capacity, and with modern ammo you can get 9mm results (pick up some Underwood Extreme Penetration). Not subcompact, but much smaller than any 9mm with the same capacity. Great concealed carry option. Cons (however, minor): Sharp edges around the trigger guard can be irritating. Not the lightest for its size (but that’s the trade off for all metal construction). The trigger reset could be shorter, but not at all an issue, just depends what you’re used to. Will not fire without the magazine. Bud’s selection is excellent, and their service is super fast. Their prices are competitively low. However, charging more for using a credit card is a complete load of horse s**t. Merchant credit card fees fall into miscellaneous itemized deductions. In other words they are tax deductible. So buy charging more for credit cards, then taking the deduction, Ammo Dynamics s is unnecessarily overcharging the customer.

  3. Zina W

    This new 15rd model from Bersa shoots like a dream. The recoil is very light, good trigger, well build. This is not a CCW pocket 380 size, as it is the same size as many compact 9mm handguns out there, pretty similar to the Taurus PT111 for example. I really like the handgun, perfect for any senior citizen who wants a compact handgun but with much less recoil than a 9mm.

  4. J Tommy

    Excellent pistol. Gives you a much better gun than the price would make you think. Decent weight and caliber make this gun very accurate. While it fits in a cargo pants pocket it is too large for a quick smooth draw in my opinion. I carry this in a owb pancake holster though you could carry it iwb if you choose. My wife carries the standard Thunder 380 but the Thunder Combat Plus fills my hand better and I like the additional capacity. Very good sights. I plan on purchasing more Thunder 380’s!

  5. Thonny M

    Not only does it look better than the picture but great gun over all. I have been on the look out for a Bersa Thunder for many years after seeing one at a gun show and falling in love as it operated very similar to my Berreta 92SF.

    -The grips are, for me, what I would say are the selling point. They are very comfortable to handle and are made from solid rubber. In addition to the double stack mag, they fit larger hands especially for being a more compact gun.
    – Smooth shooting, the double action hammer is great, and the safety features are plenty if your looking for a first time gun. It has a manual safety that is also a decocker, and an internal lock which uses a key for long term storage.
    – The sights are user friendly with connected dove tales on the rear sites that make a “U” and help with lining up the front site.

    – Only comes with 1 magazine, which from what I hear is standard for Bersa. The double stack mag is a bit more hard to find and more expensive ($40-$50/ mag). The single stack mags though they have half the capacity of the double, they can be more easily found and are half the cost as well.
    -The breakdown could be improved, though it’s simple, can be cumbersome as you have to hold the spring loaded breakdown lever at the same time you pull and lift the slide so that it can come off. This will also apply to the reassembly of the slide. With Practice this can be mitigated and May not be too much of a con.

    Overall love the gun, and good to have a gun my wife and in-law feels very comfortable with, and enjoys so much they have gotten their own. Though it took a bit to find the Bersa Thunder, I’m happy to have found these back on the market and be able to get one.

  6. Bruce S

    Nice high capacity 380. Great grip, feel, points well and very accurate. No jams so far.

  7. Garry D

    For the money, I would say this is an excellent purchase. They have also been around awhile and the reviews for the most part are excellent. I carry mine in my pocket using a Sticky Holster. The Combat Plus is a little heavy when loaded. I probably should have bought a compact 9mm but I have a Glock 17 and 19, an IWI Masada, and a Sig M17. I really did not want a mini 9mm even though this gun is technically a 9mm. I just wanted something different and the price was right. It is essentially an Argentinian Walther.

  8. Larry J

    My reason to buy this gun was 15 rounds. I finally got it out to the range this past week. My normal CC is a Sig P365. The Bersa was quite a bit different with a drastically different trigger and a larger grip. That being said, once I got used to the trigger, grip, and point of aim, I was able to get fairly good group. I experienced 3 failures fire in about 85 rounds of Winchester white box. I hope the reliability improves once the gun has had a few hundred more rounds run through it. I like to have at least 2 guns for each caliber of ammunition and this one complimented my wife’s Sig P238 very well. Overall, I’m rather pleased with this gun.

  9. Lee T

    Great gun so far, zero problems with a little over 1000 rounds through it. Smooth trigger pull, for both single and double action. Safety is easy to use. Magazine release is in a good spot for me. The grip is comfortable. The weight of the gun leaves you with almost no recoil. It is not picky with ammo, I have been using whatever is the cheapest available for range practice with no problems. Highly recommend for a range toy. 10/10 would buy again

  10. Jason Mt

    Although I have not gotten a chance to get to the range. This has already become my everyday carry. It fits perfectly and comfortably in my hand. I’ve always wanted to own a Bersa. My hang up was always ammo capacity. Glad that Bersa finally took care of that.

  11. Jerry M

    Great purchase. I have a Bersa Thunder 380 in the 7 round capacity, but I like this one better. They are both dead reliable, but the number of rounds on the Bersa Combat and the sights make it a better gun. I was able to drift the sights slightly and can get a good shot group at 10 yds. Functionaility is identicle to the original Bersa 380 Thunder. The weight difference may give the advantage to the original 380, but I cannot tell the difference. Love the price point and while Bersa’s are cheaper than Walther, but I prefer the Bersa. You cannot beat the quality and I’d put it up against the PPK any day of the week. If you’re in the market for a 380 gun and like getting a good value for your money. Look no further.

  12. Brandon C

    This gun is great, if you look at a lot of YouTube videos everyone says this gun doesn’t get enough credit. They’re right. Shoots great, feels great, really accurate. The only complaint I have on this model is that the rear sight isn’t adjustable. Mine shoot slightly low and to the right, which I can compensate for but previous models had adjustable windage. I also really like the OD Green grip.

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