CZ-USA CZ P-01 14+1 9mm 3.8″

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CZ-USA CZ P-01 14+1 9mm 3.8″ 

Factory New
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The CZ P-01 is a compact, aluminum-framed 9mm designed for LE and Military duty, but its compact size and the reduced weight due to its forged alloy frame make it ideal for discrete carry as well. Equipped with a decocker, the P-01 provides convenience for those who prefer hammer-down carry. With a heavy first-round trigger pull, any additional shots are a light, crisp single action.


  • Weight: 28.1oz
  • # of Mags: 2
  • Overall Length: 7.2″
  • Rate-of-Twist: 1:9.7″
  • Additional Info: Decocking Lever
  • Additional Info: 1913 Accessory Rail
  • Additional Info: Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

17 reviews for CZ-USA CZ P-01 14+1 9mm 3.8″

  1. Joseph A

    Ammo Dynamics was great. I ordered a gun, it came in the mail (through an FFL of course). No BS or hassle. Easiest thing I’ve ever bought online.

    I like the gun. It works and feels great. Thanks AmmoDynamics. Will order again.

  2. Todd W

    Fenominal communication and fast shipping from Ammo Dynamics first off. First impression with the P01 is that it not only looks great but feels great in the hand as well. Took the P01 to the range for an initial shake down with 300 rounds (115,124 and 147gr FMJ) and it performed flawlessly as expected. The double action is a bit over 8lbs and single action is measuring at a consistent 4lbs. This is definently an investment that I’m very happy with and look forward to many more thousands of rounds through the P01.

  3. Steven N

    One of the nicest compact 9mm’s I’ve ever owned. Shoots like a dream and eats everything I feed it. I have already recommended this pistol to others. It’s fit/finish is great just like the other CZ pistols I own.

  4. Nicolas R

    Been wanting a P01 ever since i made the mistake of selling my CZ75D PCR last year. This pistol is my new favorite hands down, its a nail driver at the range and i love the extra safety of the long double action trigger for appendix carry. If you love CZ you need a P01. If you just love amazing pistols, you still need a P01. Ammo Dynamics as usual was super fast with shipping and transaction was smooth. I will be a team buds member for life and I recommend them highly.

  5. Robert D

    What can I say about the P-01? If you\’re looking at this, you\’re probably familiar with the CZ 75. Well, the CZ 75 P-01 is more of the same…the same quality…the same accuracy…the same flawless finish. This is an absolutely wonderful pistol. If you\’re looking for a traditional hammer fired, high capacity compact 9 mm, you can\’t go wrong with the P-01.

  6. Gregory F

    Great pistol , light weight very accurate if I do my part. Already cajunized it a little just springs much better DA and Sa . De cocker just takes sum practice. Great pistol thnx Ammo Dynamics for great price and being in stock!

  7. Tyler D

    I purchased this gun many years ago and it was my primary carry firearm with a Viridian compact laser sight attached. I carried this for about 4 years and also shot AASA and IDPA with it. The trigger is fantastic out of the box in SA, with a long heavy pull in DA, if you remember to cock before your first shot when doing competition shooting (if allowed) it\’s one of the cleanest breaking factory triggers I\’ve experienced. The decocker safety took awhile to get used to as this was the first pistol in my collection with a decocker, but after getting adjusted to the manual of arms I will say that the ergonomics here were fantastic. It is a double-stack configuration without an unwieldy thickness as well. My main criticism would be the weight balance feeling off with how heavy the upper is compared to the aluminum frame. I ended up selling this to a friend about 2 years ago, I did a stint after this carrying a Sig P239 SAS, and now carry a Walther PPS M2. I plan to give the new polymer CZs a try soon though.

  8. Jonathan E

    This is the best shooting pistol I have ever fired! I can’t believe how comfortable it is to shoot. However, comfort aside, it is a tack driver. I am extremely happy with this purchase. CZ makes a great firearm. I highly recommend this weapon. You will not be sorry with this investment.

  9. Kyle JD

    An excellent handgun! It really felt great in my hand right out of the box and fired true. The trigger was smooth, though a tad heavy on the DA pull. I’m sure I will enjoy this firearm for a long time to come.

  10. Sammy L

    This is my second pistol I have purchase from Ammo Dynamics and took a while to get it because it was never stock. When it came if I order it on a Tuesday and got it Wednesday of the next week. The next day I took it to the range and put about 50 rounds through it and it was shooting good groups at 25-30 yards and then the gun died. Would not shoot no more. I called buds and they told me to call CZ. CZ said it would take 6 weeks to get the gun back. I took it to the gunsmith and he found the problems. He said the level spring and the metal piece beside it had broke. CZ sent me the parts and I paid the gunsmith 35 dollars to get it fix. I rather paid 35 dollars than to wait 6 weeks getting this gun after waiting so long to get it. It goes to show if man makes it it’s prone to failure. I took it the range today and it shot very well. I am not down on CZ pistols I think they are great guns. I have had this to happen to some other well known pistols. I have four CZ pistols and I like all of them including the one that fail. I don’t care about the name of the pistol when you get it try it out and make sure it’s working right.

  11. Louis A

    Excellent weapon, incredible quality. The first shot is somewhat heavy, but then in single action the trigger is very light. Comfortable to carry, the only thing I would fix is %u200B%u200Bthat it was optic ready or that come with better sights.

  12. ILYA B

    I love this pistol. No issues, very reliable and good looking. Perfect size as well. Thank you, Ammo Dynamics

  13. Michael C

    First time gun owner due to crazy times these days. Fired this gun at the range and really liked it so I bought it and the process was easy through Ammo Dynamics Gun shop online. The slide seems a bit stiff and hoping that it loosens up after being fired more. Probably have placed about 300 rounds without any glitch. Really like the feel and grip and hardly any recoil. A bit delayed in shipping to FFL due to Covid19. Awaiting shipment now on another handgun purchased recently from Buds.

  14. Jerry F

    Ammo Dynamics gun store has always been my go to store, my last pursage was the Cz 75 p01 awesome gun.

  15. Charles T

    Excellent service as far as purchase and transfer. Price seemed competitive with other dealers that I researched. This is my second purchase from Ammo Dynamics and I will continue to buy my firearms there.

  16. Steve J

    I absolutely love this gun! It reminds me of the 92FS I used to have except this one fits my hand much better. It’s accurate straight out of the box. It comes with two magazines and is ready to shoot. As usual Buds was great! My favorite place to shop.

  17. Samuel Sanchez

    I love this gun! Fits my hands great and is somewhat lightweight for an all metal gun. I’ve already added night sights, cool hand grips and CGW trigger. I didn’t really care for the sticky rubbery grips that came stock. Ammo Dynamics shipped fast as usual.

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