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Hi-Point 9MM Carbine

9mm Carbine Features

  • Barrel Length: 16.5″
  • Overall Length: 31″
  • Weight: 6.25 lbs
  • Stock: All-weather, black molded polymer
  • Capacity: 10-shot Magazine
  • Sights: Fully-adjustable

All Hi-Point Carbine Features

  • All-weather, black polymer skeletonized stock
  • 100% American-made parts and assembly
  • Sling, swivels and scope base
  • FREE trigger lock
  • Internal recoil buffer in stock
  • Last round lock open
  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • Optional forward folding grip
  • Quick on/off thumb safety
  • Optional flashlight
  • Grip-mounted clip release
  • Optional laser

10 reviews for Hi Point 10 + 1 9MM CARBINE W/16.5″ BLACK BARREL/BLACK SYNTH

  1. Heather S

    Cool weapon. Site was right on out the box. Fired 500 rounds with no problem. Sometimes when reloading the mag it fails to enter the chamber. I still like the weapon.

  2. Gaylyne

    For the cost this has been a great buy. I haven’t had this carbine very long but have put quite a few rounds down range with NO issues and it is fun to shoot

  3. Kelvine

    What a fun rifle to shoot. Have really enjoyed showing it off. It definitely has a unique look. A plus is shooting a 9mm round. Keeping it on target is extremely easy. Break down and cleaning is more difficult than an AR or AK. but is not a big deal.

  4. Michael T

    This is a fun range gun. I shot 50 rounds today and had no problems at all. Easy to sight in. Would recommend it to anyone that wants a carbine. Don’t let others tell you how bad Hi-Point is. This is truly a fun gun to shoot.

  5. Donald H

    Great value. Round nose bullets feed perfectly. Tapered flat nose did not feed reliably. Accurate shooter. Iron sights perfect. Cheek weld perfect. Sig Romeo 5 co-witnessed perfect. 3 in. groups at 50 yards. Very good trigger. Upgraded picanniny rail to aluminum from Downrange Products. Sling perfect for military style off hand support. Easy takedown for field strip and cleaning. Highly recommended addition to your collection.

  6. Charles F

    Folks can say what they want about Hi Point but this carbine, Especially in 9mm was a tack driver for me. It was a budget build for me. I threw a cheap red dot and laser on it expecting to have a little fun and make fun of the gun but I would put this up against a 9mm AR the way I had it set up.

  7. Marcus H G

    Money well spent, i have handguns/shotguns/big boy rifles etc but I got talked into a pistol caliber carbine. Price cant be beat, reliability cant be beat (i have 300 rds thru it so far no hiccups). Its a blast to shoot, accurate and cheap, just buy one you will be happy.

  8. Edward Snowden

    Awesome. Shot maybe close to 400 rounds and no issues on jamming. Works flawlessly. Shot FMJ. I recommend even if it’s a high point. And looks pretty cool as well.

  9. Oscar Xavier

    Awesome rifle, I went to the range this last Saturday. This hi Point carbine perform great. For a low budget carbine, I was amazine on how great it was firing and accuracy. I will definitely
    get another one in the future. I will recomend this rifle to anyone. I give special thanks to Ammo Dynamics on having a outstanding product and awesome customer service.

  10. Eddie D

    just got my 995TS on monday and shot 150 rounds on tuesday, great gun shoots well great sites and set from factory, I did have some issues from the start, one was the charger was jammed and hard to pull back at first but that worked itself out buy the first 10 rounds, and the factory mag had problems after 10 rounds, good thing I had the red bull mags the work perfect no problem, only 1 or 3 misfeeds out of 150, called customer service about the mag and if every company had this kind of service it would be amazing, they could put amazon out of biz. Thanks Buds Guns also great service.

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