Mossberg & Sons 590 Shockwave 12 GA 14″ 6-shot

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Mossberg & Sons 590 Shockwave 12 GA 14″ 6-shot

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Mossberg & Sons

The 590 Shockwave offers legendary Mossberg pump-action reliability in a compact 14 inch-barreled package. This firearm incorporates all of the features which have made Mossberg pump-actions the choice for millions worldwide: ambidextrous safety, dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and a smooth operating anti-jam elevator. Unique to the Shockwave, the Raptor “Bird’s Head” grip is designed to minimize recoil, as well as bring the overall length of the firearm down to just over 26 inches, making it a perfect fit for vehicles and other tight-quarters situations.

Classified as fully-compliant by Federal BATFE, this model (where permitted) requires no Tax Stamp for transfers,.


  • Weight: 4.24 lbs.
  • Choke Tubes: Cylinder Bore
  • Sights: Front Bead
  • Additional Info: Corn Cob Forend w/Strap
  • Additional Info: SOT NOT Required: 26.5″ OAL

14 reviews for Mossberg & Sons 590 Shockwave 12 GA 14″ 6-shot

  1. Robert B

    The Shockwave is a real fun gun to shoot. I have had it about two weeks and have had it out several times to shoot at whatever I can set up at about 15 yards. It only takes a few rounds to get the point and shoot accuracy down when shooting 00 Buck or similar. To tame the recoil, I found that tucking your arm into the side of the body with the elbow at waist level makes for a fairly stable position. I have a Crimson Trace laser on order which should make shooting slugs fairly accurate also. I might even try the 14″ ported barrel to see how it works with the Shockwave. I would highly recommend getting the Pachmayr rubberized grip for a better grip when shooting.

  2. Michael M

    This is my first 590 and I really like the ergonomics. It’s very well thought out and can be used ambidextrously. It’s easy to maneuver and accurate at close distance, kinda reminds me of something out of a movie. Delivery was quick and it’s always a good time shopping at Ammodynamics!

  3. Brian K

    Huge fan. Awkward to shoot until you put the crimson trace laser on it. What am I saying! it’s still awkward to shoot after installing the laser

  4. Charles T

    Product is as promised. Very well packaged.
    Arrived as promised. Excellent service. Very happy with this gun. Love the size and weight, good magazine capacity. Hand grip is comfortable.

  5. Alice E

    The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is a very nice and compact firearm. It is easy to handle and cycles very well. I am still waiting to fire it but have cycled several sets of shells through it without any problem.

  6. Manuel C

    Once again Ammo Dynamics delivers! Awesome service! Fast Shipping!

    This is a very compact and powerful weapon. Since technically it’s not a shotgun I am not going to be referring to it as a shotgun. Instead stick with “Scattergun”.
    The scattergun recoils upwards and it’s good to use that energy to manipulate the pump. This isn’t a weapon you intend to fire fast, the lack of a stock makes it difficult. This all being said, the gun performs as designed. The pump powerfully ejects shells and reliably feeds round after round. Mossberg 590 Shockwave is a very well made scattergun.

  7. Paul G

    Great quality firearm. Can\’t go wrong with the 590 there. As far as shootability, well, my middle finger got a little beat up, even with light loads, and although cool and compact looking, hip shooting buckshot all over the place isn\’t going to work for bad guy defense. Put a brace on it and is much better.

  8. JBP

    Really Really, unhappy. Paid with E/check on Monday . waited one whole week(or More) for funds to clear and firearm to be shipped. did not get gun until 4 days after shipping. My money was held for way to long. I could have paid zelle for a few bucks more and received it in 3-5 days. I called a couple of times to check on delay. I was told there was nothing that could be done for me. It was pointed out to me that there is a disclaimer that says there could be a delay but nothing about how long. Shame on me for not realizing that my E check from my bank is not as good as zelle The better part of two weeks is no way to run a gun shop. Ammo Dynamics needs to do a way better job processing orders and streamline this process. The only entity inconvenienced is me the customer not the seller. The firearm arrived in good condition. Unhappy buyer, J B Phillips

  9. Danny T

    I love it and Ammo Dynamics was real great with purchase and sending it to my FFL dealer in Kennesaw Georgia. Thank you Ammo Dynamics

  10. Charles J

    Very quick shipping and the gun arrived undamaged. But – the gun is advertised as a 6 shot but will only hold 5 (4 1 instead of 5 1). Second – the gun came with the wrong owner\’s manual – one for semi auto models instead of pump action.

  11. Kimball A

    I have always found Mossberg to be a quality firearm. The 580 Shockwave lives up to that standard. I feel much safer with this defense tool in the house. Thank you Mossberg for thinking of a way to protect my family.
    Kimball Daigneault.

  12. JustJoe

    When Mossberg introduced the Shockwave my first thought was…….Cool! As a Shockwave owner my thoughts now are……. excellent home defense weapon and still very COOL! As to home defense, a standard 500 or 590 is by no means a poor option but this made a great addition. Definitely had to get used to it but I mastered accuracy relatively quickly. Absolutely no downside in my view to have 5+1 capacity (or more if you install a sidesaddle) of 12 gauge power in such a compact weapon. If you do plan on getting one for home defense be sure to upgrade the grip. The raptor grip was sufficient in that I had never lost control of the weapon, however when firing slugs you just want the best grip possible. Worth every penny. Love it!

  13. Dan A

    My new easy to pack truck gun. I love this gun. Looking forward to upgrades and dressing it up. Madmax battle worn look. Only wish I would have bought one four years ago… as I did over pay for it… thanks democrats, 🖕you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!!!

  14. Justin M

    It came well oiled and exactly as advertised. Packaged nicely. Haven’t fired it yet but overall it is what it is. Unique firearm.

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