Riley Defense RAK47 7.62×39, 16″ Barrel, Adj. Sights, Laminate Wood Stock, 30rd

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Manufacturer: Riley Defense
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Action Type: Semi-Automatic
Style No:
Color: BLACK
Magazine Capacity: 30
Magazines Included: 1
Detachable Magazine: Yes
Barrel Length: 16.25”
Rate of Twist: No
Threaded Barrel: Yes
Overall Length in Inches: 35.25
Sights: Yes
Recoil Pad: No
Metal Finish: Black (Matte)

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The Laminate version of the American made classical AK-47 rifle.

Measures 35.25″ in overall length.
Laminate wood butt stock, upper and lower hand guards and plastic bakelite grip.
Black oxide finsih with a fully heat treated, mil-spec stamped receiver.
Firearm has a 4150 nitride barrel (16.25″) in length and 14×1 LH thread.
Forged trunnion bolt and carrier
Machined scope mount side rail
Adjustable Front and rear sights
Bolt hold open safety lever
Extended mag release
30 round magazine capacity
Comes with a cleaning rod

12 reviews for Riley Defense RAK47 7.62×39, 16″ Barrel, Adj. Sights, Laminate Wood Stock, 30rd

  1. Dustin F

    It%u2019s an entry level AK. That being said. Sights are noticeably canted but accurate out of box. Also Firing pin was very sticky was concerned it may slam fire. A disassembly of the bolt clean and polish of firing pin and retainer pins before I ever fired a round took care of that issue. Overall seems very solid. Furniture looks great in my opinion. Does come with sight rail, cleaning rod, and Does indeed have a Bayonet Lug despite the comment section. It does not have a cleaning kit in the buttstock. All in all at 800 dollars after tax and transfer fee this rifle is an excellent value in today%u2019s over inflated price market.

  2. Caleb D

    Looks to be well made fit and finish are pretty good. Laminate stock is not the best, but once again this is laminate, not full wood. Forged trunion and bolt. For the price range, this is gun is a decent price. For the purist, gun also comes with bayonet lug, which most guns of this price range do not.

  3. Jason S

    I purchased this rifle a couple months ago and have been very happy with it. I\’ve put about 400 rounds through it (Tulammo and Red Army Standard) without a malfunction. Between the provided polymer magazine, a cheap Korean steel magazine, and a couple Bulgarian steel magazines, all lock right up and get those rounds where they need to go. Shoots nice tight groups. Trigger is very smooth- no trigger slap. Rivets all look good. The bolt hold open notch on the safety lever is a nice feature- it keeps my range safety officer happy. Good looking teak furniture- very nice finish. The addition of an optic rail and bayonet lug (the Q&A section is incorrect when it states there is no bayonet lug) is a nice bonus for an AK at this price point. If you go looking, you\’ll still find a lot of negative information out there about Riley Defense and it sounds like their first generation rifles had some legitimate problems, but I appreciate a company that is willing to accept criticism, learn from it, and put out an improved product. This is just what I wanted from an AK rifle- a solid gun that goes bang every time I pull the trigger and is a lot of fun to shoot. You can spend a lot more on an AK, but I\’m not sure why you\’d want to.

  4. Amir H

    I did a lot of research on this AK, and after I bought it and shot it, I gotta say I love it so far. Decent accuracy at 100 meters (4-5 inch groups with the cheapest ammo out there and iron sights), shot 2 big hogs with it so far. The pistol grip is pretty bad, but I bought the Hogue AK47 pistol grip and slapped it on, feels amazing and doesn’t slip.

  5. Timothy W

    I am very pleased with he Riley Defense AK47. It is accurate and I have fired over 100 rounds of various types of ammo, steel and brass cases, and had no problems whatsoever. The finish is flawless and the rivets are all good, none of the rivet heads are flattened or distorted.. The wood is really good looking and has an oil rubbed finish. All three TAPCO mags work and fit very well. I bought an extra 30 rd. and a 20 rd. from BUDS. The sights are sturdy and it was spot on right out of the box. I really like the hold open feature on the safety lever. The trigger is very light with very little take up or creep. The scope mount is nicely made and attached. Romanian bayonets fit perfectly and it has a cleaning rod. Break down for cleaning is easy. This is a very impressive AK 47 for the price. Buds was great as usual and I picked up the rifle in three days at my FFL.

  6. Markenzie

    Great fun. No issues after several mags. Looks good, sounds good, feels good, sights work fine. Only complaint is the provided magazine is very low quality – upgrade to a Pmag or better option. The provided magazine shaves/sheds due to soft plastic and tight fit into the receiver.

  7. Samuel D

    This was a nice buy, I own “better” ak platforms but this shoots as good as any. Fit and finish were far above my expectations.

  8. Mark K

    Got my AK last week and got to the range yesterday and put 100rds of Silver Bear HP with no malfunctions. The gun doesn\’t like metal AK mags and Yugbolt hold open mags wouldn\’t lock in at all. The Tapco mag supplied worked great as did Magpul and 40 rnd Promags. The gun functioned flawlessly and looks great. The butt plate on the stock has a narrower bolt pattern than traditional AKs which means standard butt pads and plates won\’t work without redrilling. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of. Fun gun.

  9. Cord R

    The fit and finish is excellent for a firearm of this price. The rifle is reliable and very accurate. Made in the USA 🇺🇸!

  10. Joe B

    Wanted an AK47 for awhile now, but I wasn’t sure what was best in quality or price range. I stumbled upon a video on the YouTube channel Big Daddy Hoffman 1911 that looked at the Riley Defense AK47 Gen 2. After doing a little more research on the company, I decided to take the plunge and ordered their Classic Model. The Verdict? Great rifle at a good price. Very accurate, decent trigger and a beautiful wood finish that provides a truly authentic AK look. Still love the AR but for now the Riley AK has taken the top spot for my favorite rifle. Would definitely buy again. Buds service was excellent.

  11. Scott W

    I was about to skip over this AK because of the question/answer section about bayonet compatibility. Their answer is wrong. This AK does have a bayonet lug. This gun looks good, feels good and shoots great. Straight out of the box it ran two mags of cheap ammo without a hickup. I got the teak wood version and am well pleased with the furniture. I don’t plan on going into combat, but I have no doubt this AK would serve me well.

  12. Richmond F

    This is one of the finest made AK’s in the country. US made all parts. No imported parts. I have had zero failures after 4,000 rounds. This manufacturer knows what they are doing. High recommendation. Not a scratch on it. Very clean cycling. Using US-made ammo keeps it clean. Yes, Wolf ammunition is cheaper, but you may regret it in a much tighter tolerance machined and forged AK. I only use Remington, Federal, or Hornady. Highly recommend.

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