Rock Island Armory VRPA40 PUMP 12 GA 20″ Black Synthetic Magazine Fed

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Rock Island Armory VRPA40 PUMP 12 GA 20″ Black Synthetic Magazine Fed 

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Rock Island Armory

Features: Twin Slide Action Bars, Heat Shield

5 reviews for Rock Island Armory VRPA40 PUMP 12 GA 20″ Black Synthetic Magazine Fed

  1. Steven N

    The good: price, magazine compatibility with my RIA Imports VR60, functions as it should, mostly (see below), fiber optic front sight, includes chokes

    The bad: cheap plastic furniture even at the price, the bolt carrier drags across the top left corner of the magazine causing a need for increased force when racking a shell. I knew about the magazine/bolt carrier issue before buying the gun. The solution is to file down the top left corner of the mag until the bolt carrier clears. The magazine modification doesn%u2019t affect the function of the mags. It%u2019s an easy fix but be aware of it.

  2. Christopher J

    The Rock Island Armory VRPA40 PUMP 12M20MC came quickly and without any issues. I would not recommend this for smaller people, only because of the length of the pump when cycling rounds. I ordered the 9 round mags which only added to the detentions, they are quite big. The peephole and raised front sight picture is clear and quick to place on target. For the price, it’s a NO BRAINER. I’ll be buying two more before their all gone.

  3. Robert E

    The VRPA40 works great right out of the box. The 9 and 19 round mags both fit and feed well in it. Shipping from Ammo Dynamics was fast and easily traced buy the provided tracking number. This was a great addition to my VR series shotgun collection.

  4. Kirk S

    I have to admit I did not expect much for a sub 2 hundred dollar shotgun but I was very surprised and pleased with the RIA VRPA40 Pump 12 GA. Out of the box it came with two 5 round magazines as well as three chokes. The fit and finish were good and the pump action light and smooth. I did not see any blemishes or scratches on the finish either. The shotgun even came with sling mounts already attached. What more can one ask for at such a price? Shooting it was a pleasure since it took anything I cycled through it, and I have to admit I have a real urge to track down one of the 19 round magazine that are available just in case the zombie apocalypse should occur. Not only is this a great bargain it is a unique shotgun for anyone’s collection.

  5. Jaime C

    For the price this has got to be one of the top 5 pump action mag fed shotguns. Smooth action, easy reloads, and manageable recoil. Don’t be fooled by name brands, most turkish guns are made to u.s. importer specs, and by certified manufacture.

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