Springfield Armory XD-M Elite Compact OSP 9mm 3.80″ 14+1 Black Melonite

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Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory XDME9389CBHCOSP XD-M Elite Compact OSP 9mm Luger 3.80″ 14+1 Black Black Melonite Steel Optic Ready Slide Blac

3 reviews for Springfield Armory XD-M Elite Compact OSP 9mm 3.80″ 14+1 Black Melonite

  1. Dave G

    Excellent mid-size handgun. I am of pretty average statue and the grip is just long enough to fully fit my hand. The grip texture and slide serrations are easy to grasp without being abrasive. Once the slide release is broken in, the XDM Elite Compact is fully ambidextrous and is comfortable to shoot in either hand. The trigger is absolutely the best trigger I have ever used on a striker fired handgun. I prefer the original XD trigger over the first generation XDM, but the XDM Elite META trigger is a step up. It has a short tactile reset and feels more crisp than some production 1911’s. No creep and no mush. I have put 200+ rounds through the gun and have only had one malfunction: while using a pre-XDM Elite (old stock) 19 round XDM magazine the slide failed to lock back once. I have tried several XDM Elite specific magazines and have never had this failure with them, so my guess is that the 19 round magazine spring is a little too weak to fully lift the slide stop. I have tried a variety of ammunition and the gun has fed and ejected everything without failure.

    However, there are a few potential flaws to be aware of. The iron sights will be completely occluded by an optic, so co-witnessing the sights is impossible. The ambi-slide stop has made the gun incompatible with some XDM holsters, but not all. Lastly, the grip texture is perfectly adequate, but there are certainly better grip textures on other products.

  2. Mikel D

    This gun and the new trigger is a real step up in refinement from the old XDM and I didn’t think that was possible. Every change made was well thought out and perfectly executed. I love shooting it.

  3. Lori B

    This gun is simply amazing. The very first shot was exact – the u sight in the back in combination with the fiber optic front sight make an instant find and exact targeting. The slide is not hard to function, the grip actually fits my hand very well and it absorbs some of the energy. I have an XD, XDS and now the XDM and have to say this is the best of the three. There is a conversion kit that fits this gun so you can practice with .22 LR, which is a money saver. I love this gun and glad I made this choice – staying with the double safety, functionality of the gun and quality I have come to love from Springfield – not a single regret.

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