Taurus G2C 9mm 3.2″ 12+1 Black

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The Taurus G2C was purpose-built for the concealed carry market, with every feature designed for comfort, concealability, and reliability. It is a single-action (with restrike capability) semi-auto, chambered in 9mm, with standard features including an integral accessory rail, adjustable rear sights, a loaded chamber indicator, a trigger safety, and a 12-round capacity. The overall layout is streamlined and ergonomic, perfect for everyday carry..

Item # 1-G2C931-12
UPC 7-25327-61603-0
Frame Size Compact
Capacity 12 rds
Action Type SA w/Restrike
Caliber 9MM LUGER
Height 5.10″
Width 1.20″
Weight 22.00 oz.
Barrel Length 3.20″
Overall Length 6.30″
Front Sight Fixed
Rear Sight Adjustable
Safety Striker Block
Manual Safety
Trigger Safety
Loaded Chamber Indicator

7 reviews for Taurus G2C 9mm 3.2″ 12+1 Black

  1. Raymond L

    If you don\’t have much experience with firearms, this is a good choice for the price, seems reliable, is concealable, goes bang.

    If you have experience with firearms – and have owned any other major brand – my guess is you won\’t like this. It\’s bulky for the capacity, the trigger is horrendous, the sights are plastic and Glocky, feel-in-hand is bulky, it\’s a Taurus, lots of cheapish polymer. If you\’re looking for something in this class, spend $200 more and go with 43x (if you like glocks and get the Shield Arms 15-round mag with metal mag release), hellcat (if you have larger hands), p365 (if you have small hands).

  2. Antonio A

    I enjoy the gun great gun for the money trigger wall far back not a deal breaker you get use to it the more you shoot all in all very fast delivery Thank (Ammodynamics)

  3. Bennie W

    Great weapon, very, accurate, comfortable hand grip easy to fit assecceries like red dot laser. Holsters very well in a variety of Holsters. Best C C on the market.

  4. Floyd D V

    I had one of these years ago which I have always regretted giving away (a gift to a son-in-law Hell, he makes more than I do). Good shooter, easy to handle, great carry gun and safe to have when around young children. Like a Glock 19 but with a more beefy grip and thumb safety.

  5. Mitchell H

    This is my second Taurus G2C, one equipped with a TR23G green armalaser, my EDC weapon and one with a Olight PL Mini 2, my nightstand weapon. Needless to say, I absolutely love the G2C, it’s very reliable and comfortable to wear in my Pyntek IWB holster.

  6. Nicolas C

    Second purchase from Buds and happy again
    Great products and very fast shipping to my area
    Highly recommend buying from Ammo Dynamics

  7. Frank M

    This is like my 4th or 5th purchase from Ammo Dynamics, shipped in 2 days,awesome little pistol for conceal carry comes with two 12 round mags. Took it to the range ran 100 rounds through it and not one malfunction pretty accurate pistol absoloutly LOVE it thanks Ammo Dynamics. Only thing i will say about it the slide scratches up easily so be careful other than that great buy for the price

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